12.03.2023 - 30.06.2023

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The Fondazione Burri on the occasion of the anniversary of the master birth returns on March 12, 2023, to celebrate his works, cultural contexts and relationships over the years.
The relationship between Burri and photographer Aurelio Amendola was one of the most assiduous and well-established. An association documented by Amendola photographic works that Burri considered adequate to express the meaning of his work. Among them are specific sequences dedicated to the artist;s performative acts in his studio, in the completion of his works. Amendola devoted much of his work to immortalizing artists in action, also stating that he had long since matured the idea of an exhibition on the actions and gestures that led to the creation of works such as those of the three great protagonists of the exhibition AURELIO AMENDOLA: BURRI / VEDOVA / NITSCH. ACTIONS AND GESTURES, portrayed in different times and places.
The photographer does not hide his enthusiasm to see a dream of his realized, right in the heart of the same environments where the artists he portrayed had worked. An emblematic exhibition of Amendola activity that follows other important appointments inaugurated in past years at the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco in Città di Castello, including the exhibition Obiettivi su Burri, dedicated to the work of 36 photographers who from 1954 to 1993 portrayed the artist from Città di Castello intent in his artistic activity, and the subsequent day of studies on the theme "Photography: work and/or document?" during which photographers, critics, photography scholars and witnesses of relevant moments in Burri;s life, including Amendola himself, spoke.
With this in mind, at the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco, in the temporary exhibition area, forty-four large-scale photographic prints and unique works for each of the artists in the exhibition will be presented; in addition, films dedicated to them will be shown in the documentation area. 
A catalog is published for the occasion, which, in addition to featuring the works of the four artists, contains texts, anthologies of critical writings and biobibliographical apparatus concerning Amendola, Burri, Nitsch and Vedova. 
The exhibition AURELIO AMENDOLA: BURRI / VEDOVA / NITSCH. ACTIONS AND GESTURES, produced by the Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri in collaboration with the Fondazione Vedova in Venice and the Fondazione Morra in Napoli, benefits from the critical elaboration of Bruno Corà, the care of the image and the staging of architect Tiziano Sarteanesi, with the cooperation of all the staff of the Fondazione Burri..


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